Winter Rally 1.0.1

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Description of Winter Rally 1.0.1

Are your ready to bring that rally legend in you into the spotlights? Well, we’re ready, too, to tempt that big rally games fan that you are with one risk , adrenaline-overloaded and extreme speed-packed 3D rally car race, along some of the trickiest circuits on the globe. If, to all these alluring features you add the challenge that a slippery, snow and ice covered roadway implies, then you should have no doubt: rally racing games on your Android phone has never been more demanding!
Oh, I think I forgot to mention another major aspect that’s sure to allure that rally legend locked inside you: the high speed rally car that you’ll get to drive is simply… mind-blowing! Moreover, as you prove your car racing skills there, speeding along the rally circuits of different countries in the world, you get to earn enough money for upgrading it and making it even more breathtakingly spectacular! Could you imagine 3D racing games, not just any type of racing games, but 3D rally games, without upgrades to hunt for? Features such as acceleration, braking and handling will allow you to simply fly, with the speed of light, down the ice covered highway, to leave all your opponents way, way behind you and avoid all those tricky obstacles even more easily.
Your car rallying world tour will start in the USA, in one of New York’s suburbs, where an illegal car race is taking place, and you’re one of the participants, of course. Don’t underestimate your opponents, they might pop up in front of your car and ruin your plans to reach the finish line in record time, nor that slippery roadway or the risk of bumping into one of those road markers or snowmen strategically placed along the circuit for slowing you down or cause great damage to your rally super car. When it comes to all the challenges, all the obstacles that you’ll be facing on these circuits, this game easily stands out from the crowd of free rally games available for Android phones! Don’t let that happen, speed drive like a mad rally racer, but don’t allow the adrenaline-pumping speed that you’re reaching to take over your mind and make sure to drive cautiously whenever needed, avoiding all the obstacles, including your opponents’ cars, on your way to the finish line. Also, keep in mind to go for all the cash scattered along the road, for they’re highly valuable for buying all those cool upgrades that you need for turning your car into that futuristic looking rally car of your most daring fantasies as a 3D rally games passionate!
From USA you’ll be travelling to the United Kingdom, with one simple click, then to Romania, as you prove your amazing car rallying skills, then, after a few more rounds of dashing through the snow, you’ll be landing on your four wheels right on a slippery highway in China and so on. You’ll be taking a world tour behind the wheel of your high speed rally car, the ticket for getting from one corner of the globe to another one being your… very own amazing car racing skills. You need to admit that not many cool racing games that you had the chance play on your Android phone offered you the chance to explore the world while… burning rubber on some of the snow-covered tracks in different major states of the globe!
The game controls are more than intuitive, like in many of the new rally games available for Android: you tilt your device for making your on-screen car speed race left or right and use the on-touch screen little arrows for accelerating or for using its brakes. What’s not so common about it is its eye-catching 3D graphics, the challenging winter environment and harsh cold weather driving conditions and, of course, the idea of enjoying a tour around the globe for making yourself famous, throughout the globe, due to your outstanding rally racing skills!

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