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Description of Stuffle the mobile flea market rewarding-rhinoceros

Stuffle makes it easy to get rid of old stuff and is a fun way to discover great stuff nearby.
♥ Discover great stuff nearby
♥ Post your offer on Stuffle in 20 seconds
♥ Easy sign-up with email address and a password, or with facebook
♥ Privately message the seller and make an offer
♥ Share your offers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to reach more buyers
♥ Now on Stuffle: Payment. Safe and secure with buyer protection.
The press loves Stuffle, and so will you:
“While eBay is becoming more and more of a marketplace for pros, Sutffle connects the people close by for a private flea market.” (translated from German)
– Spiegel Online
“Because of the easy usability the new Stuffle is totally worth taking a look at!” (translated from German)
• Lovie Award 2012: Gold in “Mobile Innovation” and Bronze for “Lifestyle”
• Bronze at the LEADAWARDS 2012 in the category “Webservice of the Year”
In order to use Stuffle properly, we need the permission to access some of your data. To help you understand why that is the case, we made a short description and explanation for each one:
Stuffle helps you to find great stuff nearby. In order to do so, we need to know your location every time the app starts or reloads.
Internet: INTERNET
Stuffle is an online only app, means: all offers are saved online. If you want to rummage around or offer something yourself, you need to be online.
Taking Pictures: camera Every offer needs one picture. If you want to post an offer, you’ll need a picture to go with it. Clearly we only access your camera, when you decide to post an offer or a profile picture.
Whenever you post an offer on Stuffle and use your smartphone camera to take the picture, the photo will also be saved on your phone.

Push Notification: RECEIVE
To insure that you don’t miss out on messages, offers or likes, Stuffle sends push notification.
Push notifications and network status: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
In order to send you push notifications, Stuffle needs to know if you’re connected to the internet.
Push notifications: GET_ACCOUNTS
Also in order to send you push notifications, Stuffle needs to know which Google account your are connected to.
Push notifications: WAKE_LOCK
Messages only make sense, when you receive them. Therefore Stuffle has to wake up your phone from the sleeping mode.
google maps READ_GSERVICES
When you need to decide whether you want to pick up an offer or have it shipped, it’s the easiest to see it on a map. Therefore, Stuffle needs to access to your Google services.
In-app purchase: BILLING
To sell even faster you can promote your offerings in the Stuffle Showroom. You can pay for your place in the Showroom with your Google Play account.
As you see, we only ask for the most important permission.
To get the full Stuffle experience, you need to grant the permissions listed above.
For further questions, please visit

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