Stickman : Hold The Line 1.0

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Stickman: Hold the Line is a defense game that is different than many others. Although it is a bit slow-paced compared to other games in the genre, it has a range of fun to play weapons and is created with a marvelous sense of humor
Stickman: Hold the Line is part of the line of defense stick men games. It implements a traditional gameplay style in which you fight off waves of incoming stickmen, but with the twist of a derivative and fun arsenal, combined with a great sense of humor. The gameplay of the game itself is kind of slow-paced and repetitive. But what makes it interesting is seeing all the wacky weapons that the game provides in order to achieve your goal. Even though you dont do much more than run up and down and try to get headshots, the various weapons make it interesting. There is also a difference between enemies, who become harder and start to do more damage to your blockade. Actually the game can get quite addictive once you are bent on unlocking that satellite ray gun at the end. The sound department is incredibly weak among stick men games.
Stickman Hold The Line
In Stickman: Hold the line you wont hear more than the occasional moan of a dying enemy, or the mooing of a cow. Of course there is also the weapons firing, but generally the effects are of weaker quality. The lack of any kind of music makes it even harder to go through the countless waves of enemy stickmen. The whole game consists of a field, a trench and a stickman behind it ready to shoot any incoming enemies. There is no sign of backgrounds or textures whatsoever, but the cartoons and goofy look suits the game perfectly. The animations are as clumsy as ever, but they still serve their purpose. Stickman: Hold the line is kind of a jewel among stick men games of the defense department. Its easy and fun to play and despite the lack of soundtrack and slow pace it is definitely a title worth spending some time over.
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