Someone likes you - Facebook 1.0.6

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Description of Someone likes you - Facebook 1.0.6

Discover friends on facebook and others who are interested in you!
How it works:
1.Sign in with facebook so you can see your friends and their friends (don’t worry – nothing will show up on your facebook wall)
2.Secretly select friends you are interested in by choosing “Interested” button when pictures of your friends show up. Your friends will NOT know that you’re interested at this point.
3.When friends that you’re interested in also express interest on you, we will let you know!
Q. Can others know when I select “Interested” button?
A. No, it is completely secret However, after you select “Interested” button on your friend, that friend will receive a notice that someone has expressed interest in him/her.
Q. Can you cancel after selecting “Interested” button?
A. You can retract “Interested” by going to the “My Crushes” menu. However, if both you and your friend selected “Interested” button for each other, then you cannot retract your previous choice.
Q. What is a Candy?
A. A Candy allows you to view a picture of your facebook friends or their friends that you might be interested in.
Q. How do I get Candy?
A. You can get candy by: 1) wait 20 minutes for each candy to recharge for free 2) Send Candies to your friends and wait for your friends to reciprocate 3) Buy more Candies with Someone Likes You
Q. What happens if I sent a candy to a friend who has not joined Someone Likes You yet?
A. Don’t worry! Your friend will receive all the candies saved when he/she joins Someone Likes You.
Q. How often can you send candies?
A. You can send one candy to each facebook friend a day.
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