Shred Girl's Clothes 2.0.1

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License / Price:

Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

Android 2.1.x or higher


Description of Shred Girl's Clothes 2.0.1

Simple but fun game , for free.
This is the most comprehensive and the latestof the torn the clothes of the beautygame .The game mode reference angry birds and escape from the temple , Layers of progressive . It contains the pure and fresh temperament asian girls and the hot and Sexy western girls , let you once tore enough !
The operation is very simple . Start the game, from the image list, click on the picture, may select the beauty . Beauty is selected, then images will be enlarged overspread the entire screen . Then only to touch once in the
body , her clothes were torn . There are one hundred sexy beauty for your choice .DIY function , fun, stimulation.
In addition, in the game more options, there are various types of beautiful pictures for you to enjoy.
*For free.
*Full of beautiful pictures.
*More and more various types of beautiful pictures provide to appreciate.
*Rich sound.
*Different operations.
*Brand new game mode.
*Topic: Summer passion

Torn Sexy Girls Of Clothing Also known as Mosatsu ,Mosatsu is the theme of the japanese men's magazine "King",Magazine to find different actresses or models , The real situation as background, one wearing normal clothes, and the other one just wear underwear ,Them Overlap the two images.Because of the popularity,Pictures eventually collected into a book, to "delusional" and "shadow" of the synthesis of "Mosatsu" published in book form .Initial public offerings of sales to reach 15000 copies ,Need urgent printing three times to meet the demand.In order to meet the needs of men, Mosatsu become Into the Android application, the Mosatsubecoming more true.After open the program choose beauty, as long as you are a light touch on the beauty, her dress was torn off, as if you tear up the magazine, make beautiful clothes were torn off.
The motto "big men's fashion magazine recently introduced ten sexy model, let a person blood spray zhang, the earth and all are all sports players, they not only figure hot, sports more set in a beautiful and charming, body was not moved and overcome, and has since turned, they all come from NBA Houston rockets city.The game will they displayed.

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