Shack Browse 3.0.2

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Description of Shack Browse 3.0.2

This is a mobile browser for Shacknews Latestchatty. It is a gateway to a gaming community.
It is the only app still actively developed for Shacknews LatestChatty on Android.
Extended Changelog:
v 3.0.1
* Note: Rush release for bug fixes. May be unstable.
* Thread list scrolling optimizations, now smooth as butter
* News posts quick search * More difficult to initiate swipe to collapse
* Bug Fix: Posting hang
* Bug Fix: Ping button, also cancelable now
* Bug Fix: Keyword filtering change. Check your keyword filters * Bug Fix: Find on page stays open when opening thread
* Bug Fix: Rewrote backend of networking Fixes numerous bugs.
v 3.0.0
* Only Android 4.0+ Supported
* Uses Action Bar
* Uses Navigation Drawer
* Pull to refresh on thread replies
* Swipe to collapse
* Preference for swipe to collapse
* New Visual Styles
* New Optimizations
* Many bug fixes
v 2.3.8
* Potentially the final version of Shack Browse 2
* Every crash that has occurred in the last two weeks has been addressed
v 2.3.7
* Collapse button removed
* Feedback quick SM button
* Changed analytics for use with SB 3.0 design
* Cloud actions are now more verbose when manually started
* A thread author bug has been fixed on the API server
* Bug fix: A crash with shackmessaging from reply view should be fixed
* Bug fix: "Re:" being added to shackmessage subject even when not a reply
* Bug fix: a bug when returning from settings should be fixed
v 2.3.6
* Nested spoilers now behave as they do on shacknews
* Shackmessages are checked on app launch when wifi is connected, and a notification will popup if you have new SMs
* Preference to check for SMs at app launch while on cell network
* Visual fixes
* Tagging posts is now cancelable
* Bug Fix: Image sharing intents (dropbox export and probably others)
* Bug Fix: Attempt at fixing out of memory errors
v 2.3.5
* Errant "Cloud Data will load shortly" threads are now auto-fixed with background cloud sync process
* Long press search results to check for LOL Tagger List
* Show who lol'd is now an option for DONATOR QuickLOL
* Slightly less likely to receive irrelevant notifications
* Layout tweaks
* Bug Fix: Layout bug on Android 2.3
* Bug Fix: multiple app crash bugs
* Bug Fix: hopefully fixed restore-app crash
v 2.3.4
* Can see who lol'd individual posts
* Settings re-unified
* Numerous visual tweaks
* Fast scroll is now an option in settings
* Touch the X on a collapsed post to super-collapse
* Halved ram usage
* Massive Bug Fix: Cloud syncing was broken
* Bug Fix: App crash on posting via shared link
* Bug Fix: Google Play Reported crash on resume
* Bug Fix: Crash with long megathreads
* Bug Fix: Possible fix for launch crash on Android 2.2 devices
v 2.3.3
* Better handling of app resume on low RAM devices
* Better handling of mega threads, fastscroll on megathreads >300 replies, fewer crashes
* Handling of https shacknews links
* Visual tweaks
* Bug Fix: Fixed issue where treebranches are sometimes broken randomly
* New visual styles
* Figured out how to make popup browser full screen
* Bug Fix: New attempt at preventing popup browser youtube videos from playing in background after it is closed
* Bug Fix: Fixed bug where saved searches were not available to donators
* Bug Fix: Unending notifications on public server
* Optimization: Removed rounded corners to prevent GPU texture memory use which then was GC'd = scroll lag
v 2.3.1
* All users automatically enrolled in slow-notifications
* Option to ping API servers
* DONATORS: you will have to re-register for the fast notification server in options
* DONATOR FEATURE: Support for vanity notifications
* DONATORS: Changed the way donator features are activated - they are now simply ALL ON after you log into the donator screen once
* Bug fix: Fixed a bug with the way notifications are registered with Google

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