NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS) 4.8.8

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License / Price:

Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

2.1 and up


Description of NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS) 4.8.8

NewsRob autosyncs with Google reader in the background. Read articles offline.
NewsRob is an RSSAtom newsreader that auto sync with Google Reader.
NewsRob is the Chuck Norris of news readers.
Two way sync in the background
Extensive offline support
Downloads full web pages of partial feeds
Pro version available: http:bit.lynrpro.
Miss a feature? http:bit.lynrsuggest
Participate? http:bit.lynrlist
Top questions from the FAQ:
Q:The Google Reader unread count doesn39;t match the NewsRob unread count
A:NewsRob only shows the unread count of the articles that it fetched and are stored locally now. You can set the number of articles you want to see locally using SettingsLocal CacheReading List. Also relevant is SettingsSyncSync Type. If you have quot;Unread Onlyquot; there then NewsRob will try during each sync to remove articles locally that you read and fill them up with unread articles from your Google Reader account.

Q:Not all of the feeds in Google Reader show up on NewsRob. Why39;s that?
A: NewsRob will only show the feeds for which there are currently articles on your phone.
If you have 300 feeds on Google Reader, but the most recent 500 articles, if that is what you set capacitysetting to, only are in 90 feeds, then you will only see 90 feeds. When new articles arrive that are in other feeds, those feeds will be displayed then.
Also NewsRob will only show the feeds that match the current selection. That means if you look at the label quot;androidquot; it will only show you the feeds that are below the quot;androidquot; label. Additionally if you set NewsRob to quot;hide read articlesquot; you will only see feeds with unread articles.
Checkout the complete FAQ: http:bit.lynrfaq

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