Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU x86) 0.9.3

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Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

2.2 and up


Description of Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU x86) 0.9.3

Limbo is an Intel x86 PC Emulator based on QEMU. You can now run DSL Linux and apps like terminal, ssh, X Server, ftp, vnc, samba, vpn, mysql client , gcc, java, perl, python right on your Android device.
Make sure you read the Limbo Wiki for instructions:
Limbo does NOT work with ALL OSes, see below for a list of compatible OSes.
39;Hacker39;s Keyboard39; app available in Play Store is highly recommended for use with Limbo.
Emulation speeds are depended on your device and OS. Limbo works better for devices with DUAL CORE CPUs.
You can find bootable CDs .iso and hard disk image .img files in links below. Limbo is also compatible with HD images that can be created with PC emulators like QEMU, Bochs, VMWare, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC.
Compatible OSes:
DSL Linux Live CD ISO for DUAL CORE phones amp; tablets. Desktop and installable to HDD. Highly recommended
Trinux Live CD ISO for SLOWER devices:
Other compatible OSes:
TTY Linux: http:ttylinux.netdloadPCi686.html
Minix: http:www.minix3.orgdownload
FreeBSD: http:www.freebsd.orgwhere.html
AROSIcaros Desktop: http:www.icarosdesktop.comdl.htm
KolibriOS: http:kolibrios.orgen
FreeVMS: http:www.freevms.netrubrique4.html
OpenWRT: http:wiki.openwrt.orgdochowtovirtualbox
quot;And so, I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem,
is but a dream within a dream.quot; Edgar Allan Poe
A Big Thanks to:
Fabrice Bellard and the Qemu team
glib team http:developer.gnome.orgglib
iconv team http:www.gnu.orgsoftwarelibiconv
androidvncviewer team
Yair Lifshitz port for x86 phones
CPU Intel x86x8664 486,Pentium,Athlon,n270,Phenom
CDROM disk images .iso images readbootable
Floopy disk images .img raw images readwritebootable
IDE hard disk images .qcow2 readwritebootable
VGA standard, cirrus, VMWare via VNC local client
Network UserNAT mode supported only
LoadSave Machine StateSnapshot SuspendResume
VNC remote Connection
MachineDevice Management UI
Saving VM State requires a qcow2 hard disk image, make sure you create one within Limbo.
This software is released under GPL ver2 license:
Source Code can be found at:
TAGS: OS, Linux, Emulator, PC, x86, virtual, virtual, machine, QEMU, VMWare, virtualbox, Intel, AMD, cpu, network, hdd, cdrom, iso, floppy, image, ssh, tunnel, X11, X Server, X Windows, ftp, samba, vnc, vpn, nmap, gcc, java, perl, python, synaptic, aptget, package, archive, zip, rar, manager, irc, git, svn, spreadsheet, docs, editing, office, pdf, viewer DSL, Linux, installer, myDSL, browser AROS, FreeBSD, Minix, Trinux.

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