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Description of DONTALK 1.6.6

A Better, Smarter, Richer Messenger, DONTALK!
Meet the DONTALK Only Features you’ve never seen before!
You can get points whenever you text, and redeem your points for shopping!
chat with friends, and Earn reward points! You can be a better, smarter, and richer friend with DONTALK!

▼▼▼ The Special Features of DONTALK ▼▼▼
1. Message Recall to Delete Your Mistakes!
Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person that you immediately regretted?
This will never happen again with DONTALK. You can immediately recall the text you sent with one click!
2. Whisper! the secret Messages in group Chat!
You can send a secret text to friends you picked in group chat. Others cannot find your text even same chat room!
3. Rewards Points for Texting !
You can earn points whenever you text friends and also redeem the points for shopping, events and game.
You can get even more points through the games in DONTALK
4. Pop Message to delete your text automatically!
Your text and photos will be “popped” up and disappeared in a second. Confess your love or Send funny photos with Pop Message!
Just click a Bomb button to set a time and send a text to your friends!
5. Multi-use Available!
You can have up to four accounts with a single phone number through the DONTALK Sub account service.
Now chat with your friends on multiple devices (at the same time if you want to)
6. View All at Once - Photos and Videos from all chats
Don’t scroll up and up to the end of chat room for finding a photo you received. You can find all sending and receiving photos and videos from all your chats in “View All”. ( You also check your favorite items from BRINICLE – the shopping service)
+ Clicking the arrow(>) button on the bottom left of chat room to SEE ALL the photos, videos, contacts, even locations from the chat room.
A Better, Smarter, Richer Messenger, DONTALK!
DONTALK tries to provides the best features to you.
We are always ready to get your feedback and actively to adapt it.
- From DONTALK -

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