Cow Run 1.0

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License / Price:

Freeware / Free

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OS Require:

Android 2.2.x or higher


Description of Cow Run 1.0

Cow Run has the best looking running Jumping and flying to reach its calves. Help cow run to save its babies and celebrate. Cow Run is the most entertaining running game where cow runs through fields, villages, temples and dry lands. Help cow run and jump and fly to reach baby cows as fast as possible.
Help cow Run so that it doesn't beef and served as food. Help cow run fast and jump the hurdles and fly when the hurdles are too high and avoid becoming beef.
Cow run is the most entertaining running games with animals and action packed Whether you consider cow as Holy or like a cow, help him save and reach his calf before he becomes a bacon.
Help saving cow babies by uniting them with their mother and save the world

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