Brightest Flashlight Free™ 2.3.4

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License / Price:

Freeware / Free

Last Updated:


OS Require:

Android 1.6 or higher

Description of Brightest Flashlight Free™ 2.3.4

Brightest Flashlight Free - Turns on all available lights.

Brightest Flashlight App – Free of Charge

*Turns on all available lights on the device
*camera flash LED at Maximum
*Screen at Bright Maximum
*Keyboard Backlight at Maximum
*Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum
*Notification LED at Maximum
*Automatic Timer Exits Application after 2 Minutes
*audio Effects on Start and Stop
*Unobtrusive Ads
*Please contact the support email for reporting bugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly as possible
*Best Flashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED color provides great contrast

5 Star Review:If you want a bright flashlight, LED flashlight that is the coolest flashlight app with the maximum flashlight output and best flashlight sounds, this is the flashlight for you!Brightest Flashlight Free.
5 Star Review:The most coolest and awesome flashlight in the market!! I really love is so bright, and it is so helpful tool ! :)
5 Star Review:Best I ever had! Perfect! Brightest light app that I can find, droid2global and droid x. Amazing whoops the Iphone light o.o
5 Star Review:Awesome! Bright as most flashlights and doesn't overwhelm your battery. Droid 2
5 Star Review:Flashlight is great I always have my phone with me me the flashlight app.actually makes my phone start to act like a multitool can't say enough about it.
5 Star Review:Love One of the only ones I down loaded that turned my flash on as well
5 Star Review:Best App Ever!This app makes my phone so bright that it makes a completley dark room light up so you can see every corner without pointing the light into it!
5 Star Review:Brightest flashlight!!!! When I really needed light.....I had it!!!! 5 STAR!!!!"!
5 Star Review:AwesomeThis flashlight is the brightest flashlight I have ever seen on a fone its almost blinding the name is 100% true!!!!!!

***Please Read***

In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive the following –
search shortcut icon on your home screen.
Search Homepage.
This will h

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