Awaaz - Free & Secure Calls 1.55

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Description of Awaaz - Free & Secure Calls 1.55

Awaaz is a "plugin" for your Android phone that enables it to make direct phone-to-phone calls without using the cellular network if both phones have the application installed and are accessible over wifi It effectively makes all phone calls free, even while roaming!

There is no user signup, you never need to give any details, and you never even need to start the application (except for the first time). Awaaz runs in the background and automatically takes over any phone calls that meet its requirements. You just need to install and run it once, and you're done!

Awaaz uses the Opus codec for voice compression and features enhanced encryption (2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES) to ensure your calls remains private even if someone manages to grab all the data in transit, and generates new keys for every call. It will log all calls to your regular call history so your experience is absolutely easy and transparent.

Awaaz is completely free.

How to Use:
1. Install and run it once. The app will register itself on the server.
2. There is no Step 2! From here on, when you make an outgoing call the app will automatically check if the other person also has it installed, and if both phones are connected to WiFi. If so, Awaaz will automatically take over the call and you will see a slightly different calling screen. The same is true for incoming calls.
If you have any trouble with an ongoing call, hit the "X" button on the bottom-left to terminate the app and make a regular call.

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